Welcome to Central Ohio Nude Yoga for Men

Central Ohio Nude Yoga for Men—or short Nuga—currently offers 2 weekly, men-only nude yoga classes. We use a small studio located in the Grandview area of Columbus, Ohio. Registration is required for all classes. Please look under Classes – Group Classes to see the schedule and to register. The exact location will be emailed to those who have registered.

Beginners are welcome to all our classes. You do not have to be flexible to attend but you may become more flexible if you attend on a regular basis. If you are new to yoga or new to social nudity, please check out F.A.Q. and 'Why Nude Yoga?' under Information.

Michael teaches most of the classes. He is a certified Power Yoga instructor with over 6 years and more than 2,500 hours of teaching experience. Find out more about him under Instructor.

For those who are hesitant to join a group class, who cannot fit any of our classes into their schedule, or who want to deepen their practice through personal attention and guidance: we also offer private sessions.

Update: In-studio classes will resume on 5/28!  03-Apr-2020

Yoga studios in Ohio are allowed to reopen on 5/26 and we will resume offering in-studio classes on Thursday, 5/28. We will be using a larger studio at the same location that provides ample room to space yoga mats more than 6 feet from each other. Due to a room scheduling conflict only the Thursday class can be offered in-studio at this time. The number of participants is limited to 9, so please sign up early to reserve your spot.

For those who prefer to practice at home, the Tuesday class will continue to be an online class via Zoom for the time being. You may also follow the Thursday class via Zoom if you prefer - make sure to sign up for the desired location, either in-studio (Grandview) or online (Zoom). The camera will be positioned so it shows the instructor only, not the in-studio participants.

Pricing: The online classes are $10 for non-members, $9 for members and $8 for those who use their 10 class pass. The in-studio classes are $15 for non-members, $12 for members and $8 for class pass holders.

Stay healthy and sane!

IMEN and GNI gatherings cancelled for 2020!  04-Apr-2020

This was Michael's workplace during the 2019 Gathering of IMEN (International Men Enjoying Naturism) in Maryland where he offered both regular yoga classes as well as chair yoga. Unfortunately the 2020 gatherings of both, IMEN and GNI, had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both gatherings have been rescheduled fot the summer of 2021. Michael is planning to be there and looking forward to offering his classes again.

COHNUGA in the news  05-Apr-2020

Spectrum News 1 came to film a story about our nude yoga classes. It aired on 4/22/2019 and is posted on their website.

Lindsay Oliver, the reporter, did a great job putting it together. This being public TV, of course a lot of blurring had to be done...

If you are on Facebook you can watch the video with her comments that she posted on her page.



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