Meet Your Instructor Michael

MichaelIt was in the late 1990's when Michael, still a fairly new transplant from Germany living in Columbus/Ohio, was looking for "naked stuff" to do, missing all the easy opportunities like skinny dipping in local swimming holes that he had grown accustomed to back home. What he found was naked yoga retreats offered by Aaron Star. He attended one of Aaron's retreats at Easton Mountain that same year and it was a live changing experience: the yoga practice intensified and magnified by the fact that they were nude - able to really connect with their own bodies. Over the years he went to many more of Aaron's retreats and gradually started a more regular yoga practice, even though most of that was clothed since nobody was offering nude yoga in Columbus at the time.

In 2013, when he finally decided to sign up for yoga teacher training, the main goal was to get himself ready to teach nude yoga. He dedicated the year 2014 to getting practice teaching yoga - at the gym, a fitness studio, a yoga studio as well as a couple of naturist retreats. In 2015, with the help of his friends from CONGA, he started a men's nude yoga group - finally realizing the dream that still unfolds.

Michael teaches Vinyasa (flow) style yoga. He is a certified Power Yoga instructor. Coming from a history of back problems, his focus is on proper alignment and safe execution of the poses. His goal is to unleash the power that resides within you—the power to flow through challenging poses, the power to direct the breath to where the body needs it most, and the power to calm the mind and nurture the soul.

When Michael is not on the yoga mat you may find him at the gym, riding his bike or exploring the great outdoors. If you have time, ask him about his bicycle travels.

In addition to teaching men's nude yoga classes, Michael teaches coed nude yoga at the Dharma House as well as regular, clothed classesMichael teaching at IMEN.

Michael has taught men's nude yoga at the following national and international events:

Student feedback:

“I have been attending Michael's classes for over a year. Michael is particularly talented at finding ways to enter poses in a step by step manner, such that I have been able to get further into poses than I thought possible.  He also remains conscious of vulnerable areas such as the spine.  Because of this, even though the class is physically demanding it can still be appropriate for all levels of practice.”

“Hi Michael - I just wanted to let you know how great I feel after yesterday’s class. I have been having back pain for about 6 months (low back and upper neck). I have found things like adjusted diet and exercise help but nothing has helped as much as the spine stretching we did last night...Thanks for the relief!”